MotoGP Team Experience

This is the top option. You are a guest of one of our partner teams* (Gresini Aprilia, LCR Honda, or Pramac Ducati). You will have access to the garage at scheduled times, and will be given a garage tour by one of the team members. We will also visit a Moto2/3 garage or two. You will have access to the team's "hospitality" (in Qatar this is a team hut) and may have dinner with the team as well as drinks and snacks through the evening. For at least one session during the weekend you will have access to the track service road, getting you very close to the bikes! (photo left).  Pass valid 4 days.

Children 10 and under are free, but must be accompanied by an adult.

Parking: Please request a parking pass if you need one.  We cannot guarantee these (but in Qatar they are rarely a problem). Passes are issued in priority of party size then first-come, first served.

Platinum option: We are able to offer a "Platinum" experience which adds a GRID pass and Service road car (as we offer in Europe) and includes the VIP Village. Select PLATINUM when booking or book here.

Team Experience

If you want to experience MotoGP from the inside, then our Team Experiences may be for you.

All our Team Experiences set you out with a paddock pass for the weekend as a guest of one of our partner teams. You will be able to visit the garage, meet the riders, and have paddock access all weekend.

You paddock pass also permits you to access the main grandstand.

There are two options, depending on the class of the team involved:  MotoGP or Moto2/3.

Team experiences may be purchased on their own - you don't need a further credential.  However the hospitality for the team experiences is not up to the standards of either the Losail Club or the VIP Village, so many customers purchase the Team Experiemce in addition to one of these products. The Team Experience is discounted when booked with the hospitality.

Please note the VIP Village grants paddock access. If this is your objective, then you may not require a Team Experience.

Team Experiences are also discounted if purchased with a package.

*We will try to respect your team preference but this cannot be guaranteed

MotoGP Team Experience


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*€1075 if booked with a package!

Moto2/3 Team Experience

This is essentially the same as MotoGP, but of course you are a guest of one of our Moto2 or Moto3 Teams & Riders.  The differences are:

- No hospitality of any kind (you can eat in the paddock restaurant on cash basis)

- No service road access

- Garage visits will be Moto2/3

Moto2/3 Team Experience


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*€500 if booked with a package!