Losail Club VIP


This is a lovely facility situated facing the back curves of the track, set near Turn 10. There are indoor tables and a lounge area for chilling out; and an outdoor terrace where you can take your food and drink and watch the bikes sweep past the high-speed turn 10 exit and turn 11. There are CCTVs inside the facility and a large screen view outdoors. The facility is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

There is also a private grandstand for even better viewing, right at the apex of Turn 10 and looking back towards 8 & 9.

Dinner and appetisers are served all evening, as are drinks (no alcohol). There is ample car parking immediately adjacent to the unit (please request a parking pass if you need)  Music and friendly staff make this a welcoming place!

Finally, our Pole Position Travel guide will be on hand, and we have several PADDOCK PASSES which permit us to take you into the paddock, visit several garages and perhaps meet a rider or two. How much better does this get?!

VIP & Hospitality

Losail can get quite chilly in the evening, your viewing is limited to the main straight, and of course there aren't many places you can go if you are in the main grandstand.  This is why many of our customers opt for one of our hospitality options.  We offer three choices:

The VIP Village (right) is the best. It is also the only place you can get a beer!

At a lower cost, the Losail Club is a good choice for viewing and comfort.

Finally, if you are on one of our Team Experiences, our MotoGP teams have a hut which serves food & drink; Moto3 guests can use the Paddock Restaurant.  More on Team Experiences

Whatever you opt for, you can be sure a Pole Position Travel guide will be on hand to help you make the most of your experience!

Losail Club


*€695 if booked with a package!

The VIP Village

We can't say enough good things about the official VIP Village. You will have a profoundly wonderful experience of the Qatar MotoGP here!  We are official agents of VIP Village and we rate this as one of the best!

The VIP Village sits atop the pit roof in a lovely air conditioned, glassed-in suite, with CCTV. It has a private viewing terrace onto the main straight.  There is also a private grandstand with views to several curves. VIP guests may also use the main grandstand - there is a convenient bridge connecting the two.

On Saturday and Sunday there is a Pit Lane walk.  You also may sign up for a brilliant Service Road Tour (pictured left) around the entire track to see it all up close! Best of all, VIPs get open access to the PADDOCK!

The services are superb. Great dinner and snacks all evening. A full range of soft drinks, including beer & wine. You also get an official programe and souvenir gifts.  Parking is nearby - please request a parking pass if needed.  (These are allocated first to parties of 4 or more then on a first-come, first-served basis prioritised by party size)

To top it all,  Pole Position Travel has a number of private tables, and our expert guides are on hand to help out all evening. We frequently bring special guests up (Cal Crutchlow pictured), and invite our VIP guests to visit garages of some of our partner teams. We hold contests, bring further souvenirs and merchandise and share some of our expert "insider" experience to further enhance your enjoyment.  Open Saturday & Sunday, you have grandstand access on Thursday and Friday if you attend. May purchase 1 or 2 days.

Be aware that there are at least three facilities denoted "VIP Village". We provide the "official" Dorna VIP Village, which is the best. The circuit operates a similar product of its own, however this lacks alcohol and some services (and we do not station a guide there), and the Losail Club is confusingly referred to as the "Club VIP Village" by the circuit.  Do not accept imitations! :-)

VIP Village

2 days: €965* Sunday €760*

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*Discounted €50 if booked with package!