Practical Information

Qatar, although very modern, can still be a bit intimidating for newcomers. Coming with us on a package removes any worries entirely - in line with our philosophy of we take care of you from your arrival at the airport

See practical information on Visas, dress, alcohol below.

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Useful documents to download

Our PDF brochure for Qatar MotoGP 2017 (a summary of most of the content in this web site)

Our full event programme (this is very much a draft programme, see our final 2016 programme)

The official Dorna paddock guide. Lots of useful tidbits.  (this is 2016, 2017 published c1 weekbefore the event)

Getting Here and around


Fly to Doha.  A few people do drive from Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, if you are one of these, you don't need our advice!

For flight options we search using This offers a comprehensive search of all flights available and searches different sources for prices. Let us know your flight details and we can arrange airport pickup -- we offer a private complimentary service on our deluxe packages, and the hotel runs a complimentary shuttle for the classic option.


If you are not in our package, then your best bet is a taxi or hire car. There is a bus service which goes to the main entrance, and there is an internal shuttle going between the main entrance and the paddock/VIP.


In late March the day time is warm but not too hot, low of about 17c to high of 27c. The evening can get surprisingly chilly, so you want to bring a sweater or jacket to the track in the evening!  Rain is highly unlikely, but possible.


See for the official tourism gateway.


A tourist can get a visa on arrival at the entry points in the country or from Qatar’s embassies abroad. The joint-entry visa of Qatar and Oman could be used which permits visits to either country. But, for traveling to a third country, new visas need to be obtained at the point of entry.

The nationals from the following countries are eligible for such joint-visa:- Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA, UK, Vatican City.

Visas cost around 100 QAR (about US$30 , EUR 20, GBP15,  AUD 30).  The following link provides further information about visa for Qatar:

For citizens of other countries - we can arrange a Visa directly through the package hotels. Please provide us with a copy of your passport and copies of both arrival and return flight. We will send you an application form to complete. This service will cost 60 EUR. Needless to say we cannot guarantee acceptance and the responsibility for meeting entrance requirements is ultimately yours.


Qatar is pretty liberal for a Muslim state.  Although there is no dress code as such, for foreigners, it is better to wear modest clothes, and conservative clothing is recommended. This implies no shorts for men, and no mini-skirts or tank tops for women. Foreign visitors are expected to dress in a style that is sensitive to Islamic culture. At the track you are fine with any Western wear.


NO ALCOHOL MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE COUNTRY, EVEN FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION. It will be confiscated, and if you ask, they will give you a voucher enabling you to reclaim it on your way out.  However you reclaim the bottle air side, which means you do not have the opportunity to check it in your luggage, so if you change planes at another airport, it will be confiscated AGAIN, but this time as a liquid in your hand luggage!  

Alcohol is available at both our package hotels and in the VIP Village at the track In Doha, generally alcohol is only available at international hotel bars (both of our hotels have licenses) Be warned, beers are not cheap! (about €7 a pint)

Map showing hotels and circuit

About the circuit

Length: 5.380 km • Width: 12 m • Corners: 16 (10 right, 6 left) • longest straight: 1.068 km • Constructed: 2004 • Lights installed: 2008 • Corner with most falls: 6 • Accreditation center GPS: 25°28'58.87"N, 51°27'20.56"E

MotoGP lap record: 1'55.153 Casey Stoner 2008 • Best lap 1'53.927 Jorge Lorenzo 2008 • Official website

Download the official track map • 2015 paddock guide • 2015 MotoGP result

Things to do

Our tips of what to do in Doha...

The Old Souq - Souq Waqif is downtown, very close to the Mecure. A bit more "touristy" but is lots of fun. Loads of shops, restaurants. Don't miss the Bird market, the Falcon shop, and  the Spice souq. Shops close in the afternoon. This is a feature of our City Tour

The Islamic Art Museum - An unexpected pleasure, the building itself in a prominent bay position is remarkable, and the tastefully done exhibitions are very pleasant to the eye and educating. A great way to spend a few hours...  Our Dhow cruise ends here

Shopping - If a shopping mall can be a work of art, then you owe it to yourself to visit the Villagio (pictured), a kitsch version of a Venice village. Across from our Deluxe hotel is the more conventional Lagoona Mall. But the bargains everywhere are great. A very special deal is on pearls - often a fraction of European prices.

Desert Safari - A must for all petrol-heads. Can be combined with camel riding and quad biking. You can come with us Saturday on our tour, or book a tour on your own.  DON'T do this without a professional driver!

The Beach - A the beaches are clean and lovely. Several beaches in the city, such as Katara, charge a fee. "Normal" beachwear for men and women is acceptable, but cover up away. No topless sunbathing!

The Katara Cultural Village - A modern construction of classic Arabic architecture, sprinkled with excellent restaurants, shops, art galleries. A very pleasant place to spend a lunch time.  Not far from the Grand Hyatt (Deluxe package) although you will still want to taxi there...